the homo sapiens foundation

infinian life



utopian paradise

being very simple

humans organize themselves
as homo sapiens

who know what they are doing

and everyone adding
to the fulfillment of all

any one presenting solutions
for the fulfillment of all

discussing ... improving
and realizing

meanwhile every tyranny

every problem
being denounced

until it no more
the fulfillment of all
can prevent

from the achieved


one for all people


needing every humanity

being so

no money that you can steal
somehow with any organized crime
so no freedom to enslave

squander and squander everything
so no power grabbing

so no deppencracy
with this tyranny of the masses >
no military... police

or a single predator

but a based
on cosmic reality
binding religion
for all

and argumentation
where every one having
a guaranteed voice
 which is heard
by all

where the reality
being definitively determined
and everything like a scientific project
run until everyone can be convinced
and on this basis

then in the sense of the vision
of creation of the fulfillment
of all guaranteed

and as with
the MIT computer program

> one world

this all entered there
and without a trace of falsehood
the result is determined
so only if this says >

we will have
an increasing quality of life
from now on until at least

for the next x million years
then everything being right

so the guaranteed freedom
for a fulfilled life

for all eternity
and not death in 2040

and should you not be able
to do this

then the galactic pest control
must come

you must be redeemed
from your suicide assassination
after 2030 I should do that as long as possible

here in this universe will be decided infinitely free
how everyone lives endlessly fulfilled infinitely
and not frustrated guaranteed

because there is any one thinking
being insanely free

would be his paradise

the strategy

of all those 7 xxx millions
being to establish some tyranny
to forcing as much as possible
of this planetary population
to subcribing

to their way of dying
since they are having no
offer for any living it all

but the compulsion
to abolishing creation

be it

some democracy
where the majority

being for some non sense reason
in power

since it is making no sense it all
to asking the majority

what kind of non sense
they want to force upon you

or some tyrant

some dictator

having no idea
what so ever

just out of his vanity
coming up with the insane idea

that he is knowing
what you should be doing
because you do not know

that nobody native
from planet dirt

having any idea it all
what should be done

and I am not saying this
out of arrogance

or any other reason

just out of experience
from over ten millenia

of trying to bringing

infinian life

to you

in this way

so you can
be deciding for yourself

it being
what I say it is


 we have at this time all these infinitely liberated


 guarded by predatory beast military and police

 from their democracy their


 interests protected from all these totally frustrated ones through blackmail

becoming hot lovers


and now we want all
7 xxx milions united
 not a single


more love

only solutions


 homo sapiens

 who know what they are doing


our cosmic paradise

thesis satan

to all the cause
this horrible reality
to explain

and above all
the incorrigibility
this one of all

7 xxx millions

I will once
present the thesis of satan
as a psychological basis
to explain

the behavior of everyone >>>

> all those satanic
must first of all
be insane

no one in their right mind
will abolish themself
to get rid of


start world wars
and then lose all

of creation
or a native population
completely or almost exterminate
and of religion
they talk

from their god !

whose creation
they destroy every day

> should such a satanic eve
not allowed to do anything like creation
annihilate and the fulfillment of all

to the envy of all bugs and rats
on their wretched death
do not have to feel

then you have to guarantee
that your children have the same madness
to have

before it even to mom
it can throw this on

> the same applies to everyone
satanic adam

who must adore satanic eva
and then watch over

any description of reality

will touch her

> of course we need
for such a satanic state
a satanic delusion broadcasting

> of course
these are allowed
guaranteed by the law
human rights not

since everyone else
could make all of this public

destroying your vanity
and your destruction performance

>>> does any one have something
to this description of reality

to say ?


will not be needing sanity
so no humans >

because sane humans
will not glorify insanity
so no climate flippers
power grabbers

so meaning
that madness
will have rights

mean while humans

not a second
granted a hearing

no justification
why the human
have no rights

not a single instance
who can read their basic law
and then make this happen

this whole population
be under the spell of madness
insanely aligned

that I have not even
a single dissident

somewhere in this world
to argue >

what we humans
could do for ?

saving this world ?
from all these billions
of insanity !

the basic law institute

guaranteeing the meaning of life
from all non sense > all damage

so all madness as soon as possible
delivering from this harm

be the necessary value
for all real homo sapiens
in this universe

the galactic foundation

the homo sapiens foundation

dawning life

cosmic life

religian life

invincian life

the galactic genesis organization

galactic university

the cosmic institute
the institute of cosmic religion
the eternity institute

the utopia institute

published by

galactic central information